About Bitter Creek Blinds

The Longoria family acquired Bitter Creek Deer Blinds in 2021. Seeing a real opportunity to expand the business and enhance the products, Ricky jumped into the business with an eye towards providing a high-quality product to his customers and unmatched customer support.

A lifelong hunter, Ricky understands the needs of the customers when it comes to product design. The durability and portability of Bitter Creek Deer Blinds sets them apart from the rest of the market that is filled with overpriced blinds that do not stand up to the elements.

Having three boys that are starting to hunt, Bitter Creek Deer Blinds wants to produce a product that this generation and the next can enjoy!

Quality Products

Quality is the priority for our business. All of our products are built with durability and portability in mind. That’s why all our products are handmade with an All Aluminum construction that can resist the elements.

Durability that Truly Lasts

Bitter Creek products are made by Texan hands that know what it takes to build something made to last. This gives customers peace of mind knowing their investment will pay for years into the future.